Setting up Android Verifier is a breeze..  Just follow these easy steps to set up your Android phone, and create the Sales icon..


In your browser, go to


When the logon screen appears, tap menu > bookmarks



Add a bookmark for Verifier


Name the Bookmark Verifier.


Back on the Bookmark screen, tap and hold Verifier.


Select Add shortcut to Home.


The Pocket Verifier icon now appears on your home screen for easy access.


FIRST TIME USERS:  You must inform us that you are using the Android Phone by contacting us with your 5-digit Login ID and DBA name so we can register you in the system.  This needs to be done only once.  This service is FREE to MerchantAnywhere Merchants, but there is a nominal fee for other TransFirst Merchants (WaMu, Government, etc.) This system works EXCLUSIVELY with and TransFirst Merchants ONLY.  

Pocket Verifier Professional Trial for Android (no activation needed)

Test account:

MID:   10600
PWD: 1234
Test account. - This test account communicates with the transaction system, but all transactions are approved with a 'dummy' authorization code.

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