Bluetooth Magnetic Credit Card / Driver's License
Reader and Transaction Receipt Printer

Just follow these simple steps to link the Pocket Spectrum Printer to your iPAQ.  Retire the wire!


Announcing a complete breakthrough in mobile printer design! A true Line Printer (the paper moves underneath a motionless head) , rated not in characters, but MILES of paper in reliability (31 to be precise)! Powered by powerful, built-in Nickel - Metal Hydride rechargeable batteries, this printer literally throws receipts out at up to 2 inches per second!


STEP 1: Reset your Pocket Spectrum.

Before you can pair the Pocket Spectrum with your
PDA, the Pocket Spectrum should first be reset. To do this...

1. Turn off the Pocket Spectrum (if it is already on).
2. Press and Hold the ON button for at least 3 seconds.
3. When the paper starts advancing, release the ON button.
    A diagnostic sheet will be printed.
4. After the print out completes, the printer' bluetooth memory is cleared and ready for pairing to your PDA.


NOTICE:  If you are REINSTALLING a Pocket Spectrum, this will erase the existing pairing.  You MUST delete the connection in your PDA before performing the next step.



Tap New



Tap on <No Device selected>



Turn on Pocket Spectrum and choose Explore



Select Pocket Spectrum from list



When asked for a Pass key enter 1000



Click OK button




Open Pocket Verifier Software and Log On




Choose Pocket Spectrum in Options Screen



Change Com Port to 8 in Settings menu
(The default Bluetooth connection for iPAQ devices is on Com Port 8 . Your Pocket PC may differ. See the Using Bluetooth section in the manual that came with your Pocket PC for details.)



Change Port Settings to 38400,N,8,1
The software automatically defaults to Pocket Merchant when you first launch the program. Pocket Merchant which has a port setting of 9600,N,8,1. You will need to change this to 38400,N,8,1 in the settings menu.


Your iPAQ is now setup to work with our Pocket Verifier software.

If you are on the sales screen when the Pocket Spectrum is off and you would like to read a card, turn on the printer, wait for the single beep and linefeed, then click on the Bluetooth icon at the top right of the screen. The printer will then be initialized to read the card.

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