Fast Bluetooth connectivity!
  • Fast, silent thermal printer.
  • Replaceable 1100mA Lithium Ion rechargeable battery pack.
  • Secure Bluetooth communications 
  • 2-Track Magnetic card reader
  • Includes charger 
  • includes 3 rolls thermal paper
  • Bluetooth features 128 bit encryption for safe, secure transaction processing!


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Announcing a complete breakthrough in mobile printer design! A true Line Printer (the paper moves underneath a motionless head) , rated not in characters, but MILES of paper in reliability (31 to be precise)! Powered by powerful, built-in Lithium-ION rechargeable batteries, this printer literally throws receipts out at up to 2 inches per second! 

Pocket Spectrum has a larger paper roll than Pocket Merchant, a full 34 feet for 136 receipts per roll!


This device will also easily fit in a pocket or purse, and weighs just 10 oz.  Order this complete package today, and give your customers professional, industry-standard credit receipts today!  With 128 bit encryption, you can rest assured that your transactions are safe and secure.  Unlike other systems, our representatives are vetted at the highest level, protecting the public from abuse of the technology- and ensuring the life-cycle of the product.

INCLUDES: 110/220v quick charger,
3 rolls of paper.


We have TEMPORARILY REDUCED THE PRICE ON THIS PRODUCT FROM $399 to help lower the barriers to accepting credit cards anywhere.  These Products and prices are available EXCLUSIVELY to merchants.  Accounts will be verified prior to shipping

Please DO NOT order prior to approval! 
Your submitted application will RESERVE these prices for you!
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