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IT World

The Green Sheet

PalmPower Enterprise


nSwipe Release

Pocket PC Release

Plug'n Pay Release

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Pocket PC



PC Verifier

Mobile Verifier

Pocket Verifier

Pocket Merchant


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CardReader Plus

Pocket Printer

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Pocket Spectrum Package PC Verifier Package Pocket Spectrum Pocket Merchant
Award-winning Pocket Verifier Professional Packaging

Product Shot


Available Platforms HP 6315 w/Pocket Verifier Treo 300 w/ Pocket Verifier

Accept Credit Cards on your Pocket PC

Pocket Merchant has a 2-track credit card reader and 42 column thermal printer

nSwipe Reader w/ Phone nSwipe Reader

Pocket PC & Merch


PMerchant Close-up

Pocket Verifier Professional for Pocket PC

PocketPC Box


Treo 300 System Treo 600 System Pocket Merchant Package

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