"Advanced Merchant Solutions incorporates innovative and proprietary technology for
bringing complete turn-key solutions to the mobile business community."

Advanced Merchant Solutions, Inc. is the developer of a proprietary, breakthrough technology that uses the wireless Internet to provide business owners merchant banking capabilities anywhere, and at anytime 24/7. Founded in early 2001, the company saw the potential of mobile businesses such as contractors, installers, vendors, consultants, taxis, plumbers, and locksmiths who deliver their product or service in the field. These businesses have had limited options to accept credit cards until now.

Pocket Verifierô Professional is an innovative application that allows users to accept credit card payments for their mobile businesses. Our Award Winning technologies operate on all of the major  wireless carriers: Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, Cingular, and others.

In order to provide the customer with a complete solution, not just a software package, Advanced Merchant Solutions, Inc. has formed a strategic partnership with TSYS, in order to provide fixed-rate, operational merchant and gateway accounts for its customers.

Traditionally, merchants have tolerated industry-wide abuse from thousands of independent, commissioned sales reps, each trying to gouge as much out of each merchant as possible. In order to remove the greatest barrier to entry, the company operates on a "direct to the merchant basis".  This removes the greatest markup in the chain: the sales rep, and makes advanced technology affordable for the first time. 

As the leader of today's electronic and mobile commerce technologies, Advanced Merchant Solutions, Inc. has formed alliances and partnerships with the industry's leaders, and is a Palm Select Alliance Member, a Microsoft Mobile Solutions Partner, a Handspring Registered Developer, and is a registered and recognized developer for Sony, Nokia, and other mobile device manufacturers.


Over the years, we also added a number of new product lines that continue to keep us on the leading edge, and ahead of the competition for wireless and mobile merchant processing.  We were recently selected to provide the mobile processing solutions for MAC Tools, which you can see at www.MACPayment.com


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