We are now going to set up perform a 
Credit Card Transaction, using the iPhone.


From the HOME screen, tap on Sales.






Enter Your Merchant Information (only needed at the start of each day).  Press "Done" to close the Keyboard.

Tap on "Validate Account" *


* Note:
If you have previously logged onto your account "Logon" will replace the "Validate Account" text.





Tap on the red arrow to open the Billing Information screen.

The arrow turns green when this information is complete.






Enter the Card Holder Name and Billing Address.

Press "Done".

Then press "Back"






Enter the remaining information for the credit card and sales amount.

You can optionally add dashes between the numbers for the credit card. After leaving the field, the credit card number will automatically be formatted.

For entering the date, a number of formats can be recognized. For example, 08/12 (Aug 2012) can be entered as:

812    0812    8/12   or   08/12




When everything is entered, press "Charge". This is an encrypted transmission, and is totally safe.






After a few seconds, you will receive your credit card approval! 






That's All it takes - Repeat until wealthy!


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