Merchant Newsletter - September 17, 2005

SAMSUNG - Now Supported! 

All three of the current Samsung models: i500, i700 and i730!

There are now some 2,300 Web sites advertising Hurricane Katrina relief services, and most of them are presumed to be bogus, the FBI said Friday.

The Justice Department, which has established a Hurricane Katrina Fraud Task Force to focus on phony charities, identity theft, insurance scams and government benefit fraud, recommends going directly to recognized charities and aid organizations' Web sites, as opposed to following a link to another site.

You can also follow these tips from the Better Business Bureau's Wise Giving Alliance to make sure your contribution goes to the people who need it.

1) Do not give cash. Make out checks to the organization, not to the person soliciting the contribution.

2) Investigate. If you are asked to donate money to an organization that you are not familiar with, you can check a variety of sources before sending any money such as the Federal Trade Commission, the Better Business Bureau's Wise Giving Alliance, the Internal Revenue Service's list of organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable contributions, your state attorney general or your local charity registration office.  Or go to: and click on the Wise Giving Alliances reports on individual charities soliciting for Katrina relief. This will show what percentage of the funds each of these charities receives that normally goes to the actual cause.

3) Don't respond to e-mail requests. Legitimate charities do not use e-mail to solicit new contributors. ScamBusters says the chance that an e-mail request for a contribution is from a legitimate charity is near zero.

4) Don't feel pressured to give more than you feel comfortable with. Legitimate charities will accept and be grateful with whatever you choose to contribute.

We now have Pocket merchant cables IN STOCK for the current Samsung models:  The Palm based i500, and the Pocket PC's, the i700 and the new i730!

This is one of the many advantages of the Pocket Merchant system:  As new PDA's are released, or become popular, compatibility is just a matter of making a new cable for them.

Pocket Merchant includes a leather case with integral belt clip

The Samsung i500 uses our Palm Pocket Verifier software, while the i700 and i730 use the Pocket PC version.  Unfortunately, while the cable fits, the Samsung models i300 and i330 are unable to run the software, as they have Palm's INET library in ROM, and insist on communicating through the proxy servers Palm disassembled on August 31st 2004.  

New, low cost imprinter packages availableThese are new units, we still have the deluxe models available for those that want them.


Our Budget desktop imprinter includes 300 sales slips for only 29.95

Our low cost Pocket Imprinter includes 100 sales slips for only $24.95

All of our imprinters include a metal merchant plate, custom imprinted with your merchant information.  These plates are obviously custom made, and will arrive about 10 days after your order, at your statement mailing address.


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