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Compatible PDA's and Wireless Services


Verizon - generally has the best coverage of all the carriers: See their coverage map here, but they just don't "get it" when it comes to PDA data.  PDA's don't gobble data, they "sip" it.  A credit card transaction is only 2.5 Kilobytes, and how much browsing can you do on a 2 inch screen?  Still, they push their "Unlimited Data Usage" plan at $49.99 per month.  Even their 10Mb plan is pricey at $29.99 per month, although that is enough for 4000 transactions!  On the bright side, if you buy direct through Verizon- and talk to a manager, you CAN get a 1.5 cent per kilobyte billing plan.  That's only about 4 cents per transaction, and you don't pay anything (for data) if you do not do transactions in the month.  They make it REAL HARD to get this, you must talk to a Verizon manager, and explain (slowly) that your data needs are around 100K (a TENTH of a ONE Megabyte per month (assuming you do 40 transactions per month). If you use the 1.5 cent per kilobyte plan, make sure they DISABLE EMAIL.  Their email system checks for mail a dozen times a day, adding DOLLARS PER DAY to your data without your knowledge!  
T-Mobile -  See their coverage map here. We can also look at their data plans. All they are currently listing on their site is their Unlimited data at $29.95.  This is very reasonable for unlimited data. Make sure that your Internet settings are correct when they set them up:  Tell them you need your APN set to "INTERNET2" or "INTERNET3" and definitely NOT  "WAP".  
Cingular (AT&T) -   You can see their coverage map here. Make sure that your Internet settings are correct when they set them up:  Tell them you need your APN set to "ISP" or "INTERNET" and definitely NOT  "WAP".   
Sprint - Their coverage is excellent, see their map here, which actually lets you drill down to the actual, individual towers on the street level.   They have the widest selection of compatible PDA's, the lowest cost data services, and their coverage is first class.  If you are looking to change your carrier, Sprint is our #1 recommendation!

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