Your wireless PDA will establish a secure link over the Internet, and the information is sent via the most secure form of encrypted communication, and processed at our Payment Transaction Facility in Newport Beach, California. Once authorized, the authorization code is sent to you, and the funds are transferred from the customer’s credit card. Once each day (currently 10:30pm to midnight Pacific Time), the transactions made are ‘settled’ (an accumulation of all of your transactions for the day, minus any that you may have cancelled yourself), and the funds transferred into your checking account. You will have access to these funds within 2 to 3 business days after the transaction.

In addition, we have PC-based solutions that use your Internet connection to process credit cards.  With today's technology and our software, the traditional expensive merchant terminal with it's high lease payments is a thing of the past! Your PC with it's Internet connection is far easier to use, with a full screen and keyboard! Our PC solutions are inexpensive, one is even FREE!

Transaction Central, our browser-based credit card system
for our merchants!
CardReader Plus turns your PC into a swiped credit card terminal
PC Verifier, for swiped and keyed credit card transactions, ACH, and multiple levels of access!
Transaction Central, which is included with all of our merchant accounts, is much more than just a virtual terminal,  Transaction Central is also a complete reporting system, which stores all of the information on every transaction.

If you captured a signature on a mobile PDA, Transaction Central has a copy of the receipt, along WITH THE SIGNATURE!  No more printing a second receipt for signature, no more transporting and filing hundreds of little scraps of paper!  This is especially important for enterprise users, as it eliminates the manpower associated with collecting receipts from individual users in the field.



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