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Palm OS 5
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Pocket Verifier Professional for Palm OS 5

Version 8.90.0103

Fixed Y2010 Security Flaw
Transaction Manager display list increased to 150 items

Automatically Flip 'n Sign
Automatically print receipts
Optionally choose to bypass the review screen on Swiped transactions
Warning for "No Printer" setting
End of day reporting
Message warning appears when printing unapproved receipts
User is notified if transaction batched out before issuing a void or credit

Receipt Layout
Auto Tax Calculation
Enhanced Encryption for Device Storage
Changing amount will no longer remove Swipe Rate
Changing Name, Card Number and Expiration Data will clear Swipe Rate
Added message box to notify user when swipe rate is removed
Multiple cards can now be swiped on the sales screen to change information

Has the same new features and security shown in Version 6 of our Pocket PC Edition!
Swiped cards display Address: CARD PRESENT and Zip: 99999.

Download Instructions to download without a PC   (66 KB)
Download User Guide & Tutorial     (3.25 MB)

Download Complete Install  (686 KB)

After-hours & Weekend Trouble Ticket    <<NEW!!
You can submit a trouble ticket for e-mail support after normal

business hours and weekends.  You must be an approved
merchant to use this system.

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