Pocket PC / Windows Mobile

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Pocket PC Edition

Pocket Verifier Professional for Pocket PC, Mobile 2003, Mobile 5*             

Version 7.54.0518


• Improved Bluetooth connectivity
• Auto-connect to Internet
• Daily Reports added
   (select from File Menu in Transaction manger)

• Accepts 17 Digit ACH Accounts
• Receipt Customization
• Auto Tax Calculation
• Support for i-mate Windows Mobile Pocket PC Phone added
• Pocket Spectrum BlueTooth Support 
• Send Signature to Server is set as default
• Tips can be modified from the verification screen 
• Amount details accessed by clicking on amount in verification screen
• Can now send keyed data without address 
• Tip % breakdown can appear on keypad by clicking on display amount 
• Log-on password is now masked

1. Software reset device (so you don’t get the "file in use" error)
2. Attach device to computer and sync
3. Run installation
4. If asked to upgrade, say yes.
5. If asked to replace files, say yes to all.

* Note: Windows Mobile 5 Devices should install full version.

Download COMPLETE Install for all processors  (1.95 Mb)

Download User Guide and Tutorial   (PDF File - 700 KB)

Troubleshooting guide - Click here

This is a full install. It will remove the previous version but not overwrite any existing data. We recommend that you un-pair any spectrums that you already have setup if your are using Bluetooth.

  • To un-pair, delete the COM Port first, then delete the Device.
  • Start a new paring (remember to keep Secure Connection Unchecked for the COM port).
  • After you’ve paired the Spectrum and assigned it an outgoing port, exit the Bluetooth settings and turn off the Spectrum.
  • Then proceed with launching Pocket Verifier.

For security reasons, you will need to re-enter your log-on password if it was previously saved.  This version also contains an Auto-Connect feature, so you will also need to reset up setup your options.  

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